The program is divided into two parts: 2 weeks in New York City and 2 weeks in Florence, Italy. It is open to students 18 and older.

The New York and Florence Fashion Program is an eye opening experience to let students expand their horizons and explore the international fashion market in both New York City and Florence, Italy as well as the tradition of “ Made in Italy”.

This program is intended for those who wish to acquire a full understanding of the fashion and luxury market and related concepts. The program also includes logistical services such as pre-departure material and assistance, Skype meetings with on-site coordinators, health insurance, and student housing.

New York

What’s Included

  • Program orientation at the Italian Atelier
  • Welcome dinner with VivItalia coordinators
  • 16 hours of classes
  • 2 workshops with field professionals
  • On-site support and services
  • Optional airport pick up

The courses in New York are held at an authentic Italian Atelier in the heart of Manhattan.

This will support the exchange of both Italian and American cultures in order for students to develop a 360 degree view of the production and management of luxury fashion goods.

Students will be taught with a practical business approach using the most updated marketing tools to be able to assess the full cycle of fashion production and its market fluctuation. They will exit the program being able to promote luxury fashion goods and continue to develop their passion for it based on real life experience they will gain.

The Italian Atelier was founded in New York in 2011 and it promotes the excellence of Made in Italy materials and production of leather goods, accessories and jewelry. It provides a full access to a large network of artisans and master craftsmen. For further information click on this link: www.t-projectshowroom.com


What’s Included

  • Arrival pick up and housing check-in
  • Program orientation
  • “Meet the Local Artisans” tour
  • Welcome dinner with VIE coordinators
  • 16 hours of classes
  • 3 visits to Italian companies with workshops
  • 2 workshops with field professionals
  • 2 seminars with VIE Onsite Coordinators on leadership and resume improvement
  • On-site support and services
  • 24/ 7 emergency line

During the Florence segment of the program, the courses will focus mainly on the artisanal production of luxury fashion.
Florence has been the birthplace of many famous designers such as Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo.
This is a special opportunity to experience what inspired those legends and learn about the international fashion industry as an insider.
Students will acquire unique knowledge of what goes into making products with some of the best material in the world while also enjoying the beauty of the most beautiful and culture-rich part of Italy.

Course Offerings

  • Production and Culture of Luxury Leather Goods
  • Fashion Buying – Concentration: Italian Market and Materials
  • Fashion and Luxury Goods Photography (Clothes and Accessories)
  • Artisanal Leather Goods – Buying
  • Jewelry Design, Through Artisanal Florentine Methods
  • Intercultural Communication and Social Media for Fashion
  • Italian Language and Culture for Fashion (must be fluent in Italian)
  • Communication for Fashion and Luxury Goods: Marketing, Brand
  • Management, Global Luxury Promotion, and Blogging

The Application Process

  • Choose your desired session and course offered by VIE
  • Contact us at info@vivitaliaexperience.com and we will create the perfect program for you based on your needs and will contact you with the details and price quote.

Program Dates

From mid May to mid June. Please contact us for further informations.