VIVITALIA Boutique Internship Programs


Today, employers are seeking personnel with global experience, intercultural communication skills, and much more. The VivItalia Boutique Internship is a global internship program specifically designed to give students a competitive edge in the job market. There are placement options in the program across a variety of industries. Choices range from large, multinational companies to small, local ones in exciting locations.

By taking part in an internship this unique, your previous skills will be boosted by this exclusive opportunity as well as Italy’s special shine.

No matter what career you’re interested in, what you’re studying, or what year of university you are in, by being a part of The VIE Boutique Internship Program, you will be provided with the skills to land the dream job you want!

VIE will help applicants to choose the most appropriate Internship and render this experience rewarding for applicants’ future job with:

  • Pre-arrival and on-site support
  • Skype interviews
  • Internship selection
  • Assistance in preparing the paperwork required to live and work abroad

Applicants should send résumé and cover letter To to receive information on available internships.

Application Process

Applications are available to all candidates with some experience in their chosen field. An internship coordinator will work with each applicant to determine their eligibility and complete the application for submission to companies. Upon acceptance, the candidate will have a phone interview with the internship coordinator to discuss goals and expectations for the chosen internship. Once in Italy, the student will have an in-person interview with the coordinator who will assess language skills and discuss internship opportunities.

Upon arrival in Italy, students will meet their internship coordinator to review their pre-established goals and expectations. The coordinator will then determine the internship company(s) match the candidate’s skills, language level and expectations. (The more Italian the student speaks, the more opportunities he or she will have.) The coordinator will then arrange and escort the candidate to each interview until a position is confirmed. We will then determine the logistical aspects such as hours and responsibilities.

Global Professional Workshops

These workshops will allow the candidates to reflect on their internship experience and determines how this experience can be utilized for their future careers. Internships offer a challenge of real world experience combined with professional skill-building and cultural immersion.

We place an emphasis on helping students identify their strengths, goals, and career objectives and help them to make the most out of their experience.

Available Fields

  • Jewelry Design and Production
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Hospitality Management
  • Culinary Arts
  • Wine Marketing and Production
  • Art History
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion Merchandising


Most internship opportunities are located in Florence, where our head office is based. However, we source internships all over Italy.

Enrollment Deposit and Payment

Space in the VIE Boutique Internship Program is limited and applications are considered on a rolling basis. A 20% deposit is due upon registration.

Included Services

  • Housing (Single rooms and special requests available)
  • Airport pick-up and transfer to assigned housing
  • Placement in a company active in the selected sector plus international health insurance policy
  • Guarantee of health & safety in the working environment
  • Internship and housing support
  • 24/ 7 emergency phone line
  • Cultural immersion activities

(Please note that internships are unpaid due to Visa restrictions)

Program Fees

Payments in dollars accepted on request (the current rate of exchange will be applied) These prices include housing.

  • VIE Boutique Internship Program A -4 weeks – €1,970
  • VIEBoutique Internship Program B – 8 weeks – €2,670
  • VIE Boutique Internship Program C – 12 weeks – €3,320