Why study abroad with VIVITALIA experience?

Because our main goal is to Ensure an authentic and safe experience in Italy for Faculty-Led University Programs Abroad, Internships and Professional Development.
Our program fees meet students’ needs and economic possibilities. You will be entrusted to Italian professionals who are acquainted with American culture and expectations and are able to ensure that your study abroad program will be a unique, safe and real experience.

VIE is the most natural way to fly abroad and make a special encounter with a new culture. Our on-site coordinators boast an in-depth knowledge of the Italian environment, culture and territory and are at your disposal to make your experience entire smooth, out of the beaten path and customized to fulfill your academic requirements.

VIE programs offer a unique opportunity to explore the world and get familiar with the inner soul of a new culture in total freedom and safety.

Who we are


VIE is an Italian company based in Florence, led and managed by local staff with over ten-year expertise in this field. Our mission is to create programs promote the Italian eccellenze and foster international cooperation and cultural exchanges.
VIE doesn’t rely on Intermediaries and guarantees a direct and simple link for a special cultural experience abroad.

Site visit

VIE offers individual site visits in Florence to gain knowledge of our Program offerings and to meet our Coordinators.


No matter what career you’re interested in, what you’re studying, or what year of university you are in, by being a part
of a VIE Program, you will be provided with the skills to land the dream job you want!

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